ACM and IEEE Officer RolesΒΆ

Below are the positions that have allowed Hacker Society to function in the past. The listed positions are setup to run ACM and IEEE under the umbrella of Hacker Society. The given descriptions are recommendations are able to be changed as the needs of the organization change. Along with that additional positions can be added when need.


  • Runs general body meetings
  • Manages the organization ensuring others accomplish specified tasks

Vice President of ACM

  • Maintain engagement with ACM
  • Keep involvment with CS/CE/Systems and Control portion of the department

Vice President of IEEE

  • Maintain engagement with IEEE
  • Keep involvment with EE portion of the department
  • Manage hardware library


  • Approves and keeps record of all financial transactions
  • Creates and approves all funding requests (from USG, CAA, etc.) and budgets
  • Holds the organization credit card
  • Reimburses members

Public Relations Chair

  • Create and distrubute information within the campus community
  • Contact companies involving events and their involvement
  • Establish sponorship plans for events


  • Keep minutes for general body meetings
  • Managing access to Mailing Lists/Trello/Google Drive