Hacker Society Communication Streams

This is all about getting a set of written conventions for using our array of communications methods within the Hacker Society. More complex services may have their conventions broken out into another document so that this document can have a fairly flat structure.

It is best to assume that other services shouldn’t be used for official group communication, but this list of conventions does not serve as a whitelist for allowed communication services. Improving the productivity of using a service by changing the convention, or changing the service, is highly recommended.


  • The most important of our communications.

  • Contains several mailing lists:

    • cwru-hackers mailing list For Hacker Society announcements. Emails are generally sent once per week (usually on Mondays) containing everything that is going on in Hacker Society. If you want to make an announcement, this is the list for you. Contact PR for getting your announcement in the weekly email.

      This list is moderated.

    • hacsoc-officers mailing list This list contains the officers of Hacker Society, ACM, and IEEE. Use this list if you have a private dispute resolution issue.

      This list is moderated.

    • hackers-discuss mailing list For discussion among members. If you have a question, or want to talk about your cool hack, this is the place.

      This list is not moderated. Any member should be able to start a discussion with Hacker Society via this thread. Please be respectful to the other subscribers, though, and think before posting.

      This list is not the place for announcements. If you want to make an announcement, you want cwru-hackers (see above).

    • acm-downtime mailing list For announcements about server downtime. If you have a service running on our servers, you should be on this list.

      This list is moderated.

    • hackers-summer mailing list For discussion among Hacker Society members that are in the Cleveland area over the summer.

      This list is probably not moderated.

    • acm-announce mailing list A relic from an earlier time.

    • acm-exec mailing list A relic from an earlier time.

    • acm-members mailing list A relic from an earlier time.

    • acm-officers mailing list A relic from an earlier time.

    • acm-talk mailing list A relic from an earlier time.

  • The most used lists will be migrated to Google Groups, while others may be deleted.


Hacsoc GitHub Organization

  • Always welcome new issue submissions, pull requests, code, and other contributions
  • Have a different member approve and merge a Pull Request (when sensible)
  • Has teams, which can be used for maintaining certain repositories
  • Not all repositories are organization-related, some are student work.


Hacsoc Trello

Trello is our main platform for organizing events and other activities. How you should use Trello depends on what type of board you’re working on at the given moment. If you are using it as an issue tracker for code see Trello Standards For Projects. Otherwise, there are several different layouts one can use. For events a state based system can make sense. Try states like Todo, In Progress, and Completed. However, Trello is much more flexible than such simple systems. See for example the Hacsoc Talks board. At the end of the day, do what works.


Read more about it here: HacSoc Slack.



  • What Slack is copying and polishing. Anybody can get on the irc server. Officers are encouraged to also maintain a presence here.
  • We’ve got irc.case.edu with #cwru, #acm, #hackers, #ieee
  • Show up if you’re interested