Hacker Society Job PostingsΒΆ

If you have an opportunity for an internship, freelance work, or a full-time position that you would like to make available to HacSoc members, we would be happy to forward along the details to our mailing list. However, we do have a few “house rules” regarding postings:

Be sure to mention the basics such as location, type of development or research, and pay. Students are most interested in knowing who they’ll be working with, what they’ll be doing, and what the company does. We ask that you save business & funding details for private conversations if the topic arises.

If you’d like assistance in writing a job post aimed towards students or if you have other questions such as expected pay or hours, contact hacsoc-officers@case.edu. We’d be happy to assist you so that your post gets the maximum response.

Inappropriate job postings will be deleted. While the final decision is at the full discretion of the group admin, students are encouraged to report job postings they find inappropriate.

Please be aware that many students may have strong opinions on NDAs. http://blog.jpl-consulting.com/2012/04/why-i-wont-sign-your-nda/