HacSoc Blog Directory

Many of our HacSoc members maintain a web presence where they publish a blog. We think that they’re pretty great, so when you have free time, you should check out their writing. If you’re particularly interested in keeping up with HacSoc members’ thoughts, you should find their RSS feeds and add them to your favorite RSS reader (e.g. Feedly).

If you’d like to add your own blog link, feel free to submit a pull request to the repository for this wiki. Finally, if you’re interested in creating your own blog, you can probably talk to any of the listed people below about how to go about it.

Also, we have a Slack channel, #blogs, that updates whenever a new blog article is posted to a HacSoc member’s blog. You can get your blog added to this list by submitting a pull request to the notifier repository (or by pinging @brenns10 on Slack).

Active Members