How to Cater FoodΒΆ

Two Weeks Out:

  1. Decide on location[s]. Oh hey. Specific Catering Tips

Week and a Half Out:

  1. Send out dietary restriction survey
  2. If order is over ~60 people, tell the location[s] you’re planning on placing a large order

Week Out:

  1. Review their menu, and investigate catering procedure
  2. Peek at survey, and chalk up an order
  • round up when ordering for dietary restrictions – better to be safe.
  1. Visit location, ask to speak with a manager about catering
  • have a number in mind, but do not finalize anything at this point
  • ask for an idea of the general distribution of food (portions of meats, etc.) – they have a good idea on what people usually order, and what the average person wants
  • review payment options, phoning in with credit card information is common
  • discuss final order date, usually 2-3 days out
  • discuss what amenities are provided (napkins, plates, silverware, etc...)
  • depending on how payment is, you may want to let them know someone else will pay

Half Week Out:

  1. Finalize order
  • keep in mind the dietary restrictions
  • round up, but a perfect scenario involves running out of food at the end
  • possibly a good idea to run it past other members for blaring mistakes
  1. Place order
  • phone is common, but email provides assurance it’s taken correctly
  1. Secure transportation: a car and a second person

Day Of:

  1. Pick up
  • sign receipts, leaving a tip: 15% doesn’t necessarily apply here, use best judgement.
  • SAVE THE RECEIPT, photograph it when you get a chance
  1. Serve
  • place dietary restriction items on a different table, or at the end of the line
  • it would be helpful to add signs indicating what each food item is, and what each item contains
  • putting all the food out at once causes people to take more, keeping boxes under the table makes it last longer.
  1. Clean up
  • don’t leave a mess.