CWRU Hacker Society is a common ground for those who are interested in digging into the innards of things; for those who are not satisfied by easy answers; and for those who seek to make the world a better place using computers. Our mission is to promote an open society through understanding and improving the technology which underpins it.

We meet Tuesday in Glennan at 5:30pm for weekly technical talks. You should sign up for our mailing list .

Sounds great, how do you do that?

Hacker Society consists of a weekly "lecture series" where members and outside hackers present on a topic of interest. We have a history of having in-depth talks on a wide variety of subjects. Checkout some of our past talks (note: infrequently updated). For an up-to-date list, see the archives of our mailing list which you should subscribe to. You can and should give a talk at hacker society. Sign up now. You should also take a minute to read, On the nature of Hacking by Steve Johnson.

In addition, we host the school hackathon (hackCWRU), tech conference (link-state), send club members to hackathons and conferences such as the Grace Hopper Celebration (all expenses paid). We also hang out outside of class to help each other with side projects and classwork. Yes, this means we also host the boring albeit useful things like class advising help and coding-interview prep workshops.

We pride ourselves on welcoming new members from all disciplines (you don't even need to know how to code, we promise).

Gee whiz, sounds like a deal!
Where do I sign, Mr. Berry Gordy?

To get started, sign up for our mailing list. We send out an newsletter/email thing at the beginning of the week with all the details of that week's events. Join the list because that's where it's happening!